Monday, September 27, 2010

Back with a vengeance!

Hello, readers.
It's Matthias, and I'm BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! To WoW, that is. I have a level 12 currently, and I hope that I can level him quickly and make tons of gold along the way. I just can't turn my back on this game. It's pretty awesome, if I must say so myself. And with Cata coming in November or December, I'm more psyched than ever. I am currently slowly progressing on leveling. Not too fast. I have about 100g so far, and I hope to make more. Updates along the way.
Note: This isn't a summer project anymore. it's a journey. So the blog will now be called Journey to L33tn3ss.

Cheers (And so glad to be back!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Downtime almost done, Current Gold total, and Current Character levels

Hey, guys, Matthias here with a new update on my summer project.

I am currently awaiting the end of the extended downtime that is happening at the moment.

Current character levels:
Rogue-7 (Still)

My current gold total: Not sure on the exact amount, but I think it is around 40 gold.

What I have been doing to make gold: Scan + Resale = Profit

That's all for today, be sure to check in in a day or two to see my next update.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Starting off....

Allow me to introduce myself.
My handle is Matthias (I'm not going to give out my actual name).
I play on the Arygos server (US).
I quit WoW for about six months, and deleted my account with my level 80's. I'm back again, and hungry for more. I just started a couple days ago, I have a level 13, a level 7, and a bank alt. (Note: I am trying to play in moderation). I have skinning/mining on my Mage (Level 13), and Skinning and LW on my Rogue (Level 7).
My goals are on the blog description above, and I am looking forward to reaching them.

My current gold total: 15g, 27s, 14c.

In other words, I'm a while away from the gold cap.

What I have been doing to make gold: Going around Kharanos in an oval-like pattern, killing mobs and skinning them, and mining all the nodes along the way. I then craft the [Ruined Leather Scraps] into [Light Leather] on my LW, smelt all the bars, and sell. Rinse and repeat.

As of now, I have been focusing more on making gold, and less on leveling.

Be sure to keep checking for blog posts, as I will make them as much as possible.